Real-time Intelligence for a Common Operating Picture

Today’s military personnel are often deployed in tactical settings – whether land, sea or air – with limited access to real-time intelligence data. This lack of efficient data movement severely limits both commands' and operators’ capability for situational awareness, particularly in low-bandwidth situations, which are common in deployed military and defense operations.


Simulyze’s Mission InsightTM solves that challenge with the only commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application built on a true, advanced Operational Intelligence (OI) platform. Mission Insight provides a Common Operating Picture (COP) between command forces and deployed military personnel, even in the most remote environments or low-bandwidth situations.

Advanced Scalability, Low-bandwidth Delivery

Mission Insight integrates and analyzes highly disparate data sources in real-time with a customizable graphical interface, providing unprecedented situational awareness and insight for complex mission operations. The application accommodates both structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources, regardless of format or originating program, including live mission data, weather conditions, imagery, video, RADINT, GPS coordinates and social media data, among others.


The application’s complex data filtering, advanced processing and timing techniques prioritize data and allow transmission as low as 2400 baud. This provides both the deployed personnel and the command with the information needed to make time-sensitive decisions.


Mission Insight also provides archival and replay capabilities that aid in training, post-operation analysis, incident investigation and review of operational effectiveness. Plus, its off-the-shelf delivery model makes integration more efficient and cost-effective.