Big Data Insight for Homeland and Border Protection

When monitoring widespread areas for suspicious activity, access to up-to-the-second situational data, as well as effective information management that enables simulation training and complete operational awareness, is critical. These needs are heightened for homeland and border security when the safety of entire cities, states and countries can be at stake.


Simulyze’s true, advanced Operational Intelligence (OI) platform helps ensure the nation’s safety through fully integrated structured and unstructured big data that’s overlaid with a customized graphical interface.


From GPS coordinates and weather data to SIGINT and unmanned vehicle mission data, Simulyze’s Mission InsightTM commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application accommodates data regardless of format or originating program. Should an event arise, Simulyze also helps homeland and border security monitor situations in real time, providing complete situational awareness between command centers and any personnel in the field. By providing a Common Operating Picture (COP), Mission Insight helps better allocate first responders and other resources before, during and after events.

Due to its big data integration capabilities, Simulyze can also aid in monitoring inbound shipping traffic, including document management such as shipping manifests and notifications, to help ensure the safety of maritime environments.


With its complete information management capabilities, Mission Insight also enables homeland security and border patrol to perform simulation-based training exercises and post-event analysis to ensure ongoing strategic and tactical development.